DESIGN for Communication

ibma is a design company located in Ebisu Japan.
We design not just pamphlets and websites,
but what we truly desire to design is “Communication”.

We design “Communication” by designing
“when” to deliver, “which” medium to use, and “how”
for our customers.

In IBMA, along with Graphic designers,
Product team, Web design team, Planning team,
and even the Sales team are all designers.

We work as one to suggest the best design for the customer’s “message”


  • 5つの事業部門

    ibma supports companies using design as our main advantage,
    and our strength is our ability to design in wide varieties of areas, in high quality.
    ibma is constructed with 5 business divisions, which are Graphics, Products, Events, Web
    (Digital Contents), and Movies, and in each division, there are experienced design directors.

    In addition, there is a department that is specialized in planning, that cooperates
    with 5 other divisions to help overcome customer’s challenges.
    We are here to assist you if that you are not fully satisfied with your
    current design and service providers.

  • ブランドイメージ

    We grasp the client’s message, the consumer’s needs, and reflect them into our designs.

    Even when clients need to produce multiple designs, for example
    “web and catalogue”, “expo booth and promotional giveaways”,
    we can offer multiple designs and services at one stop.

    We can reduce the trouble of arranging multiple companies,
    and produce designs that certainly deliver our clients “message”.

  • 年間200社とのお取引

    ibma has business relationships with over 200 companies annually,
    and therefore has countless achievements.
    90% of our customers are direct partners, without passing through agencies.
    In many instances, a single order from a customer turns out to be a long and stable
    future relationship.
    We believe this due to our customers’ high-evaluation on our quality of services.

    Please feel free to contact us when you need some assistance.
    We will gladly help you with the know-how we have developed over the past years.


  • Catalogue
  • Posters
  • Pamphlets
  • Company profiles
  • In-house publications
  • Calendars
  • Package designs
  • Logo designs
  • Character designs
  • Advertisement designs
  • Promotional giveaways
  • Original items
  • Anniversary gifts
  • Three-dimensional objects
  • Product planning
  • Expo booth designs and construction
  • Product launch events
  • Test-ride events
  • Lecture presentations
  • Office decorations
  • Display tools
  • Event sampling
  • Website design creation and management
  • Smartphone site design and management
  • Promotion planning
  • Electronic catalogues
  • Commercials
  • In-store promotional videos
  • Event opening videos
  • Case study video editing
  • Film casting